TRADED - The Old Guard - to Jacob G from PA


TRADED - Orange Alien - to Dillon from Maryland

TRADED - Sword Trooper - to Zachary in AZ

TRADED - Chainsaw Master - to Jordan from PA

TRADED - Jackhammer Jason to Jonathan G in PA

    TRADED - Flat Head - to Pieter from Georgia


TRADED - Two Heads Are Better Than One - to Caleb from North Carolina

TRADED - Shotgun Trooper- to John, 10, from Anthem, AZ

TRADED - Say Cheese- to Jackson, 10, from Morgantown, PA

TRADED - Green Alien - to 9yo Max from Kentucky

TRADED - Underwater Jedi - to Jackson, 10, from Morgantown, PA

TRADED - Mandalorian Sword Hunter- to Eric & Maya, from Wintergarden, FL

TRADED - Whip It - to Eric & Maya, from Wintergarden, FL

TRADED - Blue Rock Monster- to DJ in Anthem, AZ

TRADED - Red Rock Monster - to Ryland